Christopher Rinehart

The Sphere

3-D Platformer programmed in DirectX10, contributed by coding Water, 3D sound, Particle effects, and level loading parser. As well as designing the levels.

Walk Reseda

3-D First Person Interactive Simulation, where the user can walk around a 3-D enviroment of the intersection of Sherman Way, and Reseda Blvd in Reseda Los Angeles

Walk Reseda image


3-D First Person Shooter using Unity game engine. Designed and programmed with the senior class. I programmed the player class, grenade, bubble shield, and weapon firing of the player

Flak image

Stay Alive

2-D Top Down Flash Game built in HTML5. Built in a group of 4 people with artists Zane Jones, and Kyle Frisch.
*Assets have not been finished/added as of this point*

Stay Alive image